Who We Are

Maru Play C & C identifies the needs of customers and provides comprehensive solutions such as various marketing planning and promotions.


Coaching & Communication



We provide our customers with a vision for global business success (development) by establishing strategies that fit the rapidly changing market trends, accurate business understanding and professionalism through efficient communication, and promotional agency work that has been expanded to online and open lines.

We will do our best for the successful global business of our customers through continuous development.

CEO‘s Greeting

DIR/Floortime is based on a developmental theory that says that all children need to reach certain milestones so they can keep developing emotionally and intellectually. In this milestones, we emphasize the child’s initiative and induces development through social interaction. The floortime approach support healthy and creative emotional and social development of children. I can confidently say that children parented on the basis of DIR floortime grow into more creative, emotional and self-confident. If you want your child to grow up to be not only cognitively outstanding, but also rich in EQ, which is the emotional index, I recommend you to knock the door of DIR Floortime. I will happy to answer to your question for your healthy mind child.

CEO Kwon, Hyun Jeong

She Graduated from Yonsei University Graduate School of Business and Hanyang Cyber University Graduate School, and took MA from Department of Child and Family Studies
She graduated from Ewha University, Department of Foreign Language Education.
She is a child counselor, art psychology counselor, and child development evaluation expert. She is the director of Floortime Korea and she established the Cognitive Development Institute Webrain. She is an Expert Training Leader of the DIR Floortime Association (ICDL), US.

Hyunjeong’s Profile
  • Graduated from Ewha Womans University, Department of Foreign Languages
  • Master of InternationalMarketing, Yonsei University Graduate School
  • Master of Child and Family ,Hanyang Cyber Graduate School
  • ICDL, Expert Training Leader
  • Director of Korea Floortime Center
  • CEO of Webrain Cognitive Development Research Center
  • Teacher’s License from Korean Ministry of Education
  • Child Counselor
  • Art Therapist
  • Child Development Assessment
  • DIR Floortime Expert Training Leader
  • Sensory Enrichment Therapist
  • ISL Provider